As Vital Dermo-Cosmetics and Health, we are proud to introduce Collagen Vital and Covéline Paris, Europe's respected and reliable collagen food supplement and dermo-cosmetic brands, to you, our dear friends.

We are happy to meet you on this journey of goodness and beauty that we set out with a sense of trust and care, with our products that are meticulously produced with many years of experience and scientific approach, and approved as a result of clinical research, with the 'Clean Label'.

Clean Label is an approval given by French health units for products that have undergone numerous clinical studies and are produced without any chemical taste, color or odor additives. Each of our products has been meticulously formulated by our experts in our Scientific Boards and has been prepared with approval from the Ministries of Health and Agriculture and Forestry.

Our products are produced in accordance with EU standards and are offered for use in recyclable packages with global environmental awareness. Produced in disposable sachets, untouched by human hands, completely eliminated from contact with air, and bacteria-free packages are the result of the importance we pay to human health.

Our French brands, of which we are the Authorized Distributor in Turkey, prefer Fish Collagen as the animal food supplement that prioritizes human health at the maximum level and is most compatible with the human matrix. Our fish collagen supplement is obtained from marine fish that are rich in Omega 3 and grow in the cold waters of the Northern European seas, which are not subjected to any vaccination or disinfection. Our collagen food supplements, are produced using pure collagen proteins obtained only from the skin of the fish.

Our products consist of Food Supplements and Dermo-Cosmetics. They are produced with 100% green technology in high-tech laboratories, with the motto of both inside-outside support, suitable for all ages and needs. The care we give to people and human health continues at every stage of our production, in our packaging, until they reach you.

As a company, we want to always stand by the good and the wellness. Good deeds grow and spread. With this vision, we set out to support Sports, Culture and Art. We are proud to stand by sports and athletes. We are full supporters of art and artists. We are in every field that is good for people's physical, mental and spiritual health. We are always on the side of giving a helping hand in life with our Social Responsibility Projects. If you want to take steps towards both goodness and beauty with us, support young athletes, support alternative stages, young theater friends and artist friends, this platform will be the right place.

Hoping to meet you in beautiful moments in life...