COLLAGEN VITAL POWER a real solution to relieve osteoarthritis

Top santé the french well-being magazine talks COLLAGEN VITAL POWER as a real solution to relieve osteoarthritis. When a much more efficient production process has been found by scientists.

COLLAGEN VITAL POWER a real solution to relieve osteoarthritis

French well-being magazine Top Santé of November is highlighting the benefits of Collagen Vital Power!

COLLAGEN VITAL POWER a real solution to relieve osteoarthritis

Is Collagen able to repair cartilage?

Collagen could indeed repair cartilage! No wonder, because the collagen was long reserved for beauty assets, it is one of the major constituents of cartilage (its fibbers form a net that traps proteoglycans) and gives it its shape and its tensile properties.

High bioavailability

Good to know moreover, its origin (always animal, because the plants do not contain collagen) does not influence its quality and its effectiveness: it is rather an ethical choice for some. Therefore, marine origin is preferred.

Thanks to hydrolyzation into peptides and high bioavailability ( up to 90% within 1 hour after ingestion), Collagen Vital Power passes through the blood system to reach the targeted areas where collagen lacks.

Scientific studies backing up the benefits of colla

Joint relief studies provided by Collagen Vital Power prove better mobility (superior to that obtained with glucosamine), as well as reduction of joint pain (- 43% after one month in a study) and anti-inflammatory action as strong as that of ibuprofen molecule.

Dr. Guillaume, a rheumatologist in Paris, explains the role of peptides

The effects are real, but on the other hand, they do not appear immediately, and it is important to be warned," says Dr. Gérard Guillaume, a rheumatologist in Paris. It usually takes at least 1 month, up to 3 months for some people, for a real joint benefit. Even if the effect on the skin, faster (and very popular with Koreans who drink collagen powder at breakfast) can take his trouble with patience with a smile!

COLLAGEN VITAL POWER a real solution to relieve osteoarthritis

1. 10g/day: the minimum dosage are recommended by the rheumatologist “The other essential aspect is the dosage: if it is below 2 g / day, as it is sometimes the case in the capsules, it is insufficient to hope for results: it is necessary to take at least 8 g, ideally 10 g / day to have an effect on the cartilage and the joint" says Dr. Guillaume.

2. The powder form is the only way to get highly concentrated collagen peptides: Collagen in powder form and precisely dosed sachet is always better if you aim for the effectiveness of your collagen intake.

3. Physicians recommend also a treatment for three months, at least once a year, or even in the long term.

Collagen also has secondary benefits

Studies backing up Collagen Vital Power’s efficiency have shown positive effects on the ligament and musculotendinous lesions , as well as in the fight against osteoporosis. Indeed, it would improve bone strength and bone mineral density.

Perhaps it will be an essential product for seniors in the future?

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